About us

Our history….in brief

We exclusively focus on providing financially viable value to our clients. We assist our clients to deeply understand the inefficiencies of their supply chain and to determine a strategic reengineering and a relevant road map towards improving their performance. We have the methodology, the tools, and the skills to support our clients for their initial needs up to the measurable added value to their company.

Our company was established back in 2009, by experienced executives in the areas of Logistics, e-commerce, technology and telecommunications both in Greece and abroad.  We have successfully implemented many Logistics, technology and e-commerce projects in Greece and abroad.

We, in LogisticsWay, understand the challenges you are facing when your organization is growing and processes become complex.

Logistics Way Software And Consultant Services About Us

Who we are

LogisticsWay consists of a specialized team of Supply Chain Executives.

We have a wealth of experience in many industries such as General Commerce, Production, Services and we believe that the traditional methods of managing supply chains have become rather obsolete. Discover how our specialized team can support viable change and offer real added value to your company.

Why us

LogisticsWay is more than a fully integrated Supply Chain Solutions provider. We have developed a risk management platform that helps us to decrease/moderate supply chain threats via a smart approach in challenges such as production, procedures and IT solutions.

Our Profile

Our Human capital profile combines a strong background in areas of production and Operations management with more than 15 years of average professional experience per executives.

Our Team

Our team works together for the last 10 years.


We are able to manage projects, design and implementation of operational plans, design and implementation of end-to-end supply chains, e-commerce and financial analysis where needed ανάλυση.

Our Customers

Our customers are Greek and Multinational companies and their projects have a global footprint.

Our Presence

Our Team has presence in Cyprus, Germany and South Africa.

Our Partners

We are part of a greater Supply Chain ecosystem and we have a broad number of partners in the areas of Marketing, Global Finance, Insurance, Exports etc

Our Vision

We want that our Human Capital to be our greatest competitive advantage. By focusing on our Knowledge and our values we can offer innovative and high standard services to our clients in the international market of Supply Chain.

Our Targets

To discover synergies in decreasing the cost of the Supply Chain.
The optimization of inventories and the rationalization of distribution.
The creation of added value.
End-to-end innovation in the Supply Chain.
The anticipation of all future trends in the supply chain market and clients΄needs.
The reduction of the total customer service time.
Taking advantage of all new available technology and procedures.
The safeguarding of our clients΄ investments

Our Skills

We recognize and analyse the real needs and the targets of our clients.
We propose solutions that will bring immediate positive results always in line with our clients΄targets.
We emphasize in the practical implementation of our suggested solutions, what we propose has to bring added value and measurable results in the supply chain.
We offer specialized IT solutions in partnership with leading Software companies.

Success steps

  • Implementation of Business Strategies
  • Creation of Operations Strategies
  • Implementation of new procedures
  • Integration of new technologies
  • Focus in change management

As LogisticsWay we believe...

… whatever happens in your company,
stays in your company.

We have faith in…
creativity is of utmost importance,
there is no solution that ΄fits all΄,
in finding solutions that work and can be implemented.


Dionisis Grigoropoulos


Dionisia Markopoulou

Our Team

We face effectively the basic reasons for the low performance of the supply chain and we develop and implemt change strategies for improvement.

We have the methodology, the tools, and the skills to support our clients for their initial needs up to the measurable added value to their company.

Our proven history of success stories have brought significant financial and operational results for our clients not only on a local level but in complex global environments and networks.

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