4PL services (Fourth Party Logistics)

An important missing link in the supply chain is to maintain communication between the industrial and commercial companies with logistics service providers (3PLs). Thus emerges the need for a provider that will centralize and manage their resources, they will have the skills and technological development, the same as for providing ancillary services to provide a complete supply chain solution. This is the short description of the services of a 4PL.
H Logistics Way, through alliances between service providers (3PL), technology providers and consultants (best-of-breed), can create unique and comprehensive supply chain solutions that cannot be achieved with a single provider.
The services provided by a 4PL are:

  • The negotiations with 3PL (invoice management, call centers, warehouse/distribution facilities, etc.)
  • Implementation Center (the business process analysis/scoping, and development of all activities into an open systems framework)
  • Product/Skill Centers (supply chain engineering)
  • IT System Center (the pure IT selection for design and implementation/connectivity)
  • 4PL Back Office (administration, quality, finance, legal, etc.)